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About us

Bridge Builders/CPI, a community-based demonstration project focused on three census tracts in the south-west Bronx, began providing services in 2003. The project tests the hypothesis that family well-being and child welfare outcomes will improve as a result of: community members working together in a collaborative to reach out to and assist their neighbors; provision of targeted social services and legal representation; meaningful parent and youth involvement; collaboration by neighborhood-based service providers and strengthened relationships with the Administration for Children's Services. In addition to ACS, the project is supported by a donors' collaborative of thirteen foundations, the Administration for Children's Services, and is administered by the Fund for Social Change. The project is governed by the Executive Committee (consisting of twelve agencies and parents) and led by the Project Director and the co-chairs of the Executive Committee.

The primary goals of the project are to improve four key indicators: the number of children who enter foster care for the first time, the number of children who re-enter foster care, the length of time children remain in foster care, and the overall occurrence of abuse and neglect within the Highbridge community.